Monday, 17 December 2012

A little Christmas quiz for those of you who have finished all your Christmas chores Cryptic Sports Stars 1) Hair replacement and stiff drinks needed after ‘e finds his loaf in the fens 2) A merry jape before a kind of ball, but missing the motorbike classic 3) Former Wimbledon champion (short) finds a pair of trousers 4) A dock worker misses what sounds like the exit and ends up with a final resting place along with Lenin 5) Take the noisy dog to court! 6) The real key ring needs to be reconfigured 7) The old field marshal installs silver windows? 8) Over to new york for more banking mistakes 9) Ready, steady ……but sounds like this gentleman is missing most of chariot 10) Inundated with character mugs? 11) After a very short kip I’m missing from the operatic song. Gone for a screw. 12) A nice combination Hollywood greats 13) Add this kind of junction once canal bridge is rebuilt 14) Wag picks up a century among the witch community 15) Prepare french monkfish for the cleaning lady if you can entice her out of the garden? 16) Pythonesque messiah finds a glamourous archaeologist outside her cottage. 17) A slimmed down Nasser strikes like lightning 18) the holy one likes a drink during the chase 19) falling just a little short of the superlative Venice and despite the name unrelated to Frank 20) A marauder from the east finds the light when one of Bacchus’s pets gets shot of a pope

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